In The Catcher in the Rye, is Holden himself a phony?

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Perhaps Holden is a phony because life and those in his life have forced him to be so. His parents don't want to hear the truth. However, Holden doesn't even seem to be honest with himself, and until he is, he is probably the biggest phony.

I think Holden is absolutely a phony, however I really think he is forced to be a phony.  He cannot open up to any adult about his concerns because he probably feels they will simply tell him "that's life" and encourage him to just move on.  They would most likely not understand the struggle he is feeling within.  I do, however, also thinks he tries to have some fun with it, showing not a phoniness but a childish immaturity.  He feels forced to be a phony regardless of anything because he has to pretend he is fine in front of...

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