In The Hobbit, how did Bilbo pursue temperance by resisting temptation?

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Bilbo resisted temptation in multiple forms throughout the novel.  One of the easiest and most accessible temptations that Bilbo resisted was simply the temptation to give up the quest and return home to his cozy life of afternoon tea and pocket handkerchiefs in the Shire.  Due to his steady loyalty to his new friends, however, Bilbo did resist the temptation to quit and go home. 

Another temptation that Bilbo resists occurs in the final chapters of the book when Bilbo finds the wondrous treasure in Smaug's hoard, the Arkenstone of Thrain.  Bilbo hides the jewel from Thorin, originally planning on keeping it as his one-fourteenth share in the profits.  Ultimately, common sense and Bilbo's good heart and decency win out, and Bilbo overcomes the temptation of the Arkenstone by giving it to Bard to help in negotiations with Thorin.

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