Hitler's Next Step If...What if Hilter won World War 2? How would the world differ?

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I can't agree with the previous post.  If Hitler had won WWII by taking out the Soviet Union and by dominating all of Western Europe (even without invading Britain) Germany would have been a huge power.  They would have been a superpower and the US might not have been.  At the very least, more Jews would have been killed.  There would be not be any Israel.  The world would be completely different.

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I do not think Hitler would have been able to control such a vast territory, particularly the Soviet Union. In short, I think a formal military victory, which would have had to include a treaty with the United States, would not have led to a lasting peace in which Germany could construct a stable empire. 

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I would, also, hate to know what would have happened had Hitler won. The world would, most certainly, be a different place. As suggested, the US may not be the power it is, and the power Germany has would be greater.

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I would like to think that Hitler would not have lasted long even if he won.  I guess I am being optimistic, but I don't think the war would have ended until he was taken out, either by his own side or ours.

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There is a fabulous book called Fatherland by Robert Harris. It is a very readable and fast-paced novel that is set in a world where Hitler's scientists managed to develop a nuclear bomb, wiped out Moscow and forced America to back out of the war. (This is not the story of the book, these events happen before page one) the book's story takes place in Berlin during the preparations for Hitler's 75th birthday. I really recommend it.

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I would hate to know what would have happened if Hitler did win. All I know is that all Jews would have been murdered, along with those who stood up for them. Life would be full of pain and misery, death and fear.

Maybe if you really want to know about what might have happened, read his book (or parts of it) calledMein Kampf. It's very thick, but very insightful as to his views, and rather shocking too.