Did Caesar know about the conspiracy or was he totally ignorant?(history not play)

Expert Answers
larrygates eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Caesar would  have done well to have been suspicious; but it is doubtful that he was aware of the conspiracy to kill him. Julius Caesar was very popular with both his own army and the populace of Rome, as he spent large sums of his own money by sponsoring fights between gladiators and wild animals. He crossed the Ribicon and marched on Rome because he was aware of his immense popularity in the city. His enemies consisted of conservatives and the old Patrician families who considered him a tyrant. His style of rule--centralized government under a single ruler was odious to them. He appears to have been too arrogant and self assured to have even suspected a conspiracy. It might be a reach to say that he was "totally ignorant," but he was not aware of any imminent danger.