The history of computer and it development. What are the types of computer languages?

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Part of the history of the computer cannot be told without the emergence of the personal computer.  Ed Roberts, the President of a company named MITS Incorporated, oversaw a company that made calculators and dabbled in the personal computer as a "side interest."  When faced with mounting debt and economic challenges, Roberts put forth an idea of The Altair 8800 as a personal computer.  Originally intended for hobbyists and people with vested interests in the computer, the Altair 8800 is widely considered to be the first personal computer introduced to the market in the mid 1970s.  From this unit, programmers like Bill Gates and Paul Allen developed languages for this machine to process and understand such as BASIC that would allow commands to be processed.  Building off of this, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak designed a functional computer that was a more advanced of the Altair, complete with a keyboard and more processing bytes.  From these two inventions, the personal computer was born, with IBM following suit about five years later.

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