"History is an ongoing process of recording the past." Please comment on this thought.

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There is some accuracy to the statement you have made about the role of history. There is more to history than just this thought, but it is an accurate description of part of the role that history plays.

There is no question that history records what has happened in the past. It records the people, the events, the conditions that existed, and the results of the events. History allows us to know what had happened, and why it happened. History will continue to do this.

History also teaches us lessons. It is very important to learn from history so we don’t make the same mistakes over and over. This is something we haven’t done very well as many events have repeated themselves because we haven’t learned from the past. World War I and World War II are examples of this. Some of the causes of World War II were similar to some of the causes of World War I. History can guide us now and in the future by looking at what happened in the past and understanding why these events happened the way that they did. History is a great teacher if it is used properly.

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