Historically, how has confucianism impacted woman negatively and positively? Are these impacts changing in modern confucianism?

gopikrishna | Student

Confucianism is a system of philosophy and humanism instead of a religion though it features a few religious characteristics. Confucius lived in a time of social and moral chaos, when common values were generally rejected or simply disregarded. In the ethos of uncertainty and fear created by warlords, Confucianism flourished and eventually transformed Chinese society with its values and dominated it for centuries.

Confucianism was an androcentrism in which women has no dignity and human rights. According to Confucianism, women had to obey absolutely their fathers when they were not married, and obey their husbands absolutely after in the wedlock and to obey absolutely their sons in their widowhood. Morality, proper speech, modest manner and diligent work were basic virtues they ought have. In case women were barren, unfilial, talkative, jealous, heavily sick, or in adultery and theft, they would be divorced no matter what the reasons were

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