The Devil in the White City

by Erik Larson
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Historical references in pages 283-287 of the book Devil in the White City On Pages 283-287 of the novel Devil in the White City by Erik Larson, What historical Reference is discussed word for word? What does that Historical reference mean?

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One of the most important historical references to be found on these pages is the reference to Susan B. Anthony.  Anthony was one of the most important figures in the history of women’s rights. 

Susan B. Anthony was a young woman at the time of the Seneca Falls Conference that started the women’s rights movement in 1848.  She did not attend that meeting, but did become active in issues of women’s rights shortly thereafter.  She became one of the most important leaders in the movement.  She was arrested in 1872, for example, for voting in the presidential election and subsequently went on tour talking about the injustice of being arrested for voting.

Anthony lived until 1906.  This means she did not live to see women get the vote.  She is, however, a major historical figure and is the most important historical reference on these pages.

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