His work is inferior by far ____mine. Would you use then, to, or from to fill in the blank?

Expert Answers
kateanswers eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The best word to complete this sentence is to. Let's read the sentence by filling in the blank with the potential words and compare how they sound.

  • His work is inferior by far then mine.
  • His work is inferior by far to mine.
  • His work is inferior by far from mine. 

The first sentence uses the term then, which implies causality or order of events. For example, "First this, then that." An alternate might be than, as in, "This is better than that," but in this particular sentence it does not make sense.

The third sentence uses the term from, which is sometimes used in making distinctions. For example, "This is different from that." Even though a distinction is being made with this sentence, the established grammar does not allow from to be a sensible answer.

The second term, to, makes more sense than either then or from. Because there is a comparison being made, as in where we compare one thing to another, this term makes the most sense. There is some implied expression in the sentence, so I hope the following might help you understand how to fits in here:

  • His work is inferior by far [as compared] to mine.