In Hinduism what are the three parts of Brahman and what does each do?

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Brahman is the Sanskrit word for ultimate reality or eternal origin. Brahman shouldn't be translated as 'God', as Brahman is not worshipped - rather manifestations or forms of Brahman are treated as gods.

There are three main gods, or forms of Brahman, as worshipped by Hindus.

Brahma (the creator)

Don't confuse Brahma with Brahman! Brahma is the god of creation - of this world and all its creatures. Often depicted as a four-armed, four-faced god, Brahma is the least worshipped of the triumvirate - as his work is considered complete.

Shiva (the destroyer)

Shiva is responsible for the cycle of the universe - the continual creation, preservation and dissolution of the universe. Don't think of Shiva as an evil, violent or malevolent god. Rather, Shiva is the god of mercy and compassion, guiding worshippers away from greed and lust.

Vishnu (the preserver)

Vishnu is responsible for the preservation of the world - both physical and spiritual. Vishnu is incarnated when the world is troubled (nine times so far, with the final incarnation to occur just before the end of this world). He is tasked with returning the world to peace and order.


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