In "Hills Like White Elephants," did the woman go for an abortion?

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The dialogue between the American and Jig makes it clear that she doesn't understand a word of Spanish. This means that she is most likely a native English speaker but probably not an American. Here she is in a foreign country, pregnant, perhaps without any money of her own, and completely dependent on this man who is taking her to Madrid to have an abortion. Instead of asking whether she actually had the abortion, one might ask if she actually got on that train.

Towards the end of the story the woman who is waiting on them tells them, "The train is coming in five minutes." If the girl gets on the train we can assume she is going to get the abortion. But if she refuses to get on the train, what will happen next? If the man leaves her behind at this station in what appears to be the middle of nowhere, and she has no money and can't speak a word of Spanish and is still pregnant...???

It seems that it is not up to Jig to decide but up to the American. If she can't persuade him to let her...

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