A highly polished finish on a new car provides a ____ surface for ____ reflection. Fill in the blanks please and thank you ^_^ and bless you

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Well, I,m just guessing here, but the statement is speaking about reflection, which is a phenomenon that occurs amongst waves in the electromagnetic spectrum.  This statement seems to be speaking about waves in the visible light spectrum, so I shall address it from that standpoint.  A highly polished surface would provide a very "smooth" surface that would probably provide a "maximum" effect, in terms of reflecting the light.  I use this example for my 7th grade students in my class room:  I take a flashlight, darken the room, then shine the light on my clean and polished dry-erase board, which causes the light to reflect and bounce to the opposite wall with a clear beam from the flashlight.  Then, I attempt to repeat the process, but this time shine the light on the cinderblock wall, which has a rougher surface, causing the light rays to be absorbed and diffracted.  There is nowhere near the same incidence of reflection, as a matter of fact, the cinderblock wall seems to absorb the light rays as if it were a thirsty sponge.

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