A High School counselor is conducting a study to help establish guidelines for recommending the number of hours a student should work during the school week. Use the data below and the chart provided to construct a Scatter Diagram for the correlation between hours worked and the student’s GPA and estimate the best fit line.  What would you expect your GPA to be if you worked 22.5 hours during the school week?  GPA      Hours Worked Mon.-Fri. 2.0       30 2.2       27 2.2       8 2.6       21 2.7       20 3.0       3 3.4       7 3.4       16 3.8       11 4.0       12

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It is really pretty easy to create a scatter plot graph using either Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets.  I would use Google Sheets as it is easier to access and share (not to mention it is free to use.)  A good educator or counselor is able to utilize the technology that is available and would probably use one of these two applications.  Open the spreadsheet software and place the data for GPA in one column and then the data for hours worked on the second column.  Place titles at the top of each column so that they show up on the graph.  To create a chart, highlight all of your data and click on the 'insert chart' icon in the menu.  It is also very easy to add the best fit line under the 'advanced settings' menu of your chart.  I have attached the results of this  process to the answer and you can estimate that a student that works 22.5 hours will be likely to perform at a 2.0 GPA.  I would caution that this is a relatively low sample size to draw any real conclusions from.  

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