In The Hiding Place, who lives to be older, Corrie or Betsie?

Expert Answers
durbanville eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The Hiding Place is the real life story of Corrie Ten Boom, a Dutch woman whose efforts in the Dutch Underground, along with those of her family, to help the Jews escape Nazi persecution in Holland, ultimately result in the imprisonment of Corrie, Betsie and their father, who dies ten days after he is imprisoned.

After the occupation of Holland, Corrie and her family hide many Jewish families in their secret room. When they are discovered, Corrie and her devout sister, Betsie who has an enormous propensity for forgiveness, are sent to concentration camps. They manage to stay together and are able to support each other through the most difficult times. The women hide their Bibles and read to the other detainees and lead prayers whenever they can and Betsie prays as much for her captors as she does for other sufferers. 

Ultimately, Corrie's worst fears are realized when she and Betsie are sent to Ravensbruck in Germany; as Corrie says "the land of our fears" (chapter 13). Betsie gets weaker and weaker and can barely manage to stand during the daily roll- call and eventually she is sent to the hospital wing and succumbs to illness. After Betsie dies, Corrie sees her and barely recognizes her sister as she looks like "a carving in old yellow ivory" (chapter 14).  

After she is released, Corrie knows what she needs to do to honor her father and especially her sister. She gives speeches and shares everything she learned, always mindful of Betsie's words, "We must tell people, Corrie" (chapter 15).