In The Hiding Place by Corrie Ten Boom what happened at Nollie's house that so shocked old Katrien?

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The Hiding Place is Corrie Ten Boom's real life account of her own experiences in Holland during the German occupation of World War II. Corrie, brother Willem, sister Betsie and their father are discovered and imprisoned. Later, Corrie and Betsie will be sent to concentration camps, including the notorious Ravensbruck, for being Jewish sympathizers and harboring Jews and helping them escape. They are devout Christians and unquestioningly accept their part in trying to reduce the suffering of the Jews, always willing to help "any man in need."

The Ten Boom's become unwitting participants in the underground movement to save thousands of Jews but Corrie becomes increasingly nervous of being discovered, especially as the movement becomes so large and there is the possibility of making a mistake. They have been living "double lives" for one and a half years but Nollie, one of Corrie's sisters and indomitably honest, is unable to lie when questioned about Annaliese, a young Jew. Annaliese does not look like a Jew, and has (false)papers which show her to be a widow. However, Katrien, a Jew herself who is also being protected by the family, overhears Nollie admit to Annaliese's status as a Jew when she is asked a direct question. Katrien reaches Corrie's home and stands outside the shop "immobilized by some terrible emotion."

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