In Corrie Ten Boom's The Hiding Place, what happened to Corrie in her efforts to take care of Betsie and protect them both? 

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durbanville eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The Hiding Place by Corrie Ten Boom is the true story of efforts of the Ten Boom family, as committed Christians, to assist anyone in need during the Nazi Occupation of Holland and the lives of Corrie and her sister Betsie after they are sent to a concentration camp. Betsie, already compromised by pernicious Anaemia, gets weaker and weaker. However, Betsie's faith is particularly strong and she manages to motivate Corrie sufficiently to manage in their desperate sitation.

Betsie is several years older than Corrie but even as the sisters are moved around, Corrie is aware of Betsie's worsening health. She desperately looks for ways to ease some of Betsie's suffering and manages to hide Betsie's jersey from the guards, together with some vitamin drops and the Bible when they are transferred to Barracks 8 at Ravensbruck. As much as Corrie knows she should share the vitamin drops with the other suffering women, she longs to keep them just for Betsie but she does the right thing and miraculously, the drops last much longer than could ever be expected, distributed daily to the women. Only when other vitamins are smuggled in do the drops run out.

During an event in the yard when the women are digging the ground, Betsie is humiliated by a guard for her efforts in lifting only "a little spoonful" (ch 13)of dirt. After the guard hits Betsie, Corrie runs at her with her own shovel but Betsie stops her before she is seen, avoiding any further drama. Due to her increasing weakness, Betsie is assigned to the "knitting group." Corrie, it seems, will be sent away to do "Munitions work" but is desperate to stay near to Betsie to look after her so fails an eye test on purpose and a doctor takes pity on her pleas to stay with Betsie, passing her over for the transport to the munitions factory and signing her up for glasses. 

After this Corrie and Betsie manage to spend "the closest most joyous weeks of all the time in Ravensbruck." (ch 14) Corrie knows that each time she tries to protect Betsie, she compromises someone else but she is always "acting for Betsie's sake." Corrie does come to a realization, after much soul-searching that "Christ....made the difference" and her faith is renewed. Betsie' health continues deteriorating and she is eventually transferred to the hospital. She dies shortly afterwards.