In the Hiding Place, what is the climax of the story?

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The climax of the novel would be the death of Betsie in the infirmary of the Ravensbruck concentration camp. Throughout their imprisonment, it was Betsie who kept her faith in God and in love for her fellow human beings, both the prisoners and the guards.

"The Hiding Place" is a story of the triumph of faith against the dark. Throughout the ten Booms mission to save the Jews from being sent to the camps, their faith guided them in the midst of fear at discovery. When they were indeed finally discovered, imprisoned, and then sent to concentration camps, it was Betsie who maintained her beliefs and put them in practice despite the surrounding dark. Corrie, however, was struggling with this concept. Her battle with hate is a sharp contrast to the love exhibited by Betsie. She had a difficult time understanding how anyone, even her beloved sister, could respond with love to such cruelty.

With Betsie's death, the burden of faith fell on Corrie. Without the influence of her sister, Corrie must find some way to love the way Betsie loved. It was not until after her release from prison, however, that she was able to fully gain this.

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