Hi, I would like some help for that homework on "A Separate Peace"! Thanks.    

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These questions all ask you to analyze the friendship between the two main characters. When analyzing something, ask yourself as many questions about it as possible and find the answers in the text (which you have supplied so wonderfully). The first passage discusses Phineas's character and his affect that he had on the faculty that summer. The teachers were confused as to how to deal with him because Finny "seemed to love the school truly and deeply, and never more than when he was breaking the regulations, a model boy who was most comfortable in the truant's corner" (23). The fact that Gene is writing about his friend here shows his admiration for Finny as well as a motive for Gene to be envious. This struggle that Gene goes through is what many go through as they are teenagers. Teens are self-conscious and compare themselves to others in order to find out who they themselves are. Hence, the other passages discuss that between the boys; (2) quiet moments together and taking advantage of every day; (3) keeping the secret of Finny's amazing swimming feat; (4) the day they spent at the beach; (5) and when Finny tells Gene he is his best friend. All of these give the reader insight to the journey that Gene and Finny travel together as they discover their friendship and who they are individually. Through these passages, we learn that Gene isn't as comfortable with the friendship as Finny is. Gene is blocked by his own mistrust, envy, and insecurity that he creates a vision of their friendship that is not accurate. This inaccuracy s only remedied after Gene discovers how loyal Finny really is.

momovava | Student

It's the instructions, not in image, if the link is dead.

Here are 5 passages from Chapter 1-3. How do you interpret them? What insight do they give us about Gene and Finny's characters and their relationship as friends ?
You only need to write a short paragraph for each passage.

1) "The faculty threw up its hands[...]careless peace."(Chapter 2 page 23/24)
2) "We walked along through the shining afternoon[...]and I'm glad we took advantage of it." (Chapter 2 page 29/30)
3) "To keep silent about this amazing happening[...]not based on rivalry." (chapter 3 page 45)
4) "The ocean, throwing up foaming sun-sprays[...]for me." (Chapter 3 page 47)
5) "It was courageous thing to say[...]which contains the truth." (Chapter 3 page 48)

PS: I wrote down the page numbers in case we have the same book edition !

Thanks for your answer !

suvini | Student

sorry but i havent read this book

but u just have to analyze these quotes by relating it to the characters ryt??

it shouldnt be that hard

or is it that u dont understand the story

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