In "The Winter Evening Settles Down", discuss the text at the level of dennotation and connetation?

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coachingcorner eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In the long poem Prelude by T.S. Eliot the line 'The Winter Evening Settles Down' appears to denote the way the rest of part of the urban depiction will go, although in anti-climactic sort of way, because the so-called 'prelude' doesn't really lead to anything sound or tangible. The words sound comforting, but are juxtaposed against the images, which are not and get less and less so as the deccription wears on. The 'smell of steaks in passageways' for example has the connotations of home and family life,the evening meal on the table ready to comfort all those returning from long days at work or school. Then, 'the burnt-out ends ' of smoky days jolts the reader into the realization that the wdays referred to have not necessarily been productive, but are mere left-overs from time-killing negative hours - the connotations reminiscent of redundant cigarette butts. Eliot details his realities of urban life.

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