How is Hamlet portrayed as weak and indecisive? im writing research paper about the character of Hamlet. He is known to be weak and indecisive. how do u prove it? are there lines in the play that show this?

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Perhaps a good starting point is to ask what it means to say that Hamlet was "known to be weak and indecisive." This was actually a Romantic reading of the tragedy put forth by Goethe, Coleridge, and  Schlegel, which argued for Hamlet as a sort of Romantic hero: moody, self-aware, and prone to melancholy. Other critics tend to discuss Hamlet's "delay": the interval of time between his meeting with the ghost and his killing Claudius.

The first point you might make is that Hamlet only appears indecisive or slow to act with respect to revenge when seen in the context of heroic epic. In fact, in revenge tragedy, the typical plot trajectory involves a revelation of injustice and a long and complex set of plot twists in which the revenger gradually becomes certain of the identity of perpetrator and then sets in motion a gradual and complex revenge plot. From a more modern perspective, that Hamlet is uncertain as to whether he should simply murder someone on the basis of the words of a ghost seems...

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