What poetic elements can you comment upon in "We Are Seven"?

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One of Wordsworth's goals in writing poetry was to compose it in simple, ordinary language that could be easily understood. In "We are Seven," he uses very simple words to convey the story of a little girl who includes her two dead siblings among her living brothers and sisters.

Examples of the poem's simple diction are as follows:

I met a little cottage Girl:
She was eight years old, she said
Except for the words "little" and "cottage," these are all one-syllable words that anyone would understand.
Wordsworth also uses imagery to convey a concrete sense of the little girl who is telling a story, including details of her life that make her more real to us. Imagery paints a picture of a scene in our minds using the five senses. For instance, we learn from the narrator that the girl has thick, curly hair, fair eyes, and is "wildly" clad. She herself later describes how she often knits stockings or hems a kerchief in the...

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