Hi, what are the 10 most important events that African Americans experienced during their fight for freedom and equality? (during 1800- 2009)Black Civil Rights Movement...

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I concur that post #2 is very comprehensive and an excellent guide.  I would like to add a couple of items that might not fit in any list, per se, but have legacy and relevance to the struggle of freedom for African- Americans, and all people of color.  I think the miniseries, "Roots," was a social and cultural event of the 1970s that, literally, helped to instigate a national discussion.  To have a major television network air for about a week ( I believe) a mini series that graphically displayed the horrors of slavery brought the discussion to a forefront that it had not been brought to before.  The art throughout the 20th century has continued to play a formative role in helping to shape identity from different points of view.  Works from Langston Hughes and Toni Morrison, as well as Audre Lorde and James Baldwin, have helped to provide language that helps to distill what it means to be of color in the United States.  The last element I would suggest that has been essential in the struggle for African- American freedom is the documentary, "Eyes on the Prize."  It seems odd that a history documentary could play a role in identity, but this comes from personal experience.  Every year that I have shown sections of this documentary to students, it has created a galvanizing effect amongst students from all backgrounds to opening discussions of what it means to be free in America and how they, as young people, must inherit the legacy of change and understanding in avoiding the mistakes of the past and carving out a new notion of the world as what can be, as opposed to what is.

Noelle Thompson eNotes educator| Certified Educator

It would be VERY hard to surpass the perfection of post #2, so I will simply add that the life, teachings, and death of the great Martin Luther King, Jr. should be mentioned as well the dreaded Jim Crow laws, and the original desegregation of the country.

litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator
I notice that you list up to 2009. I think the last event should be Barack Obama's election to the presidency. Although this might not change the lives of people on its face, it gave many disenfranchised African Americans, especially younger ones, new hope for the future.
st101 | Student
Hi, what are the 10 most important events that African Americans experienced during their fight for freedom and equality? (during 1800- 2009)

Black Civil Rights Movement...


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epollock | Student


February is designated African American Month by the Library of Congress. The notable events, accomplishments and achievements of African Americans to the fabric of society is celebrated by all in our melting pot society. Here is my list of the top 10 most important events for African Americans (though this is I'm sure debatable.)

1) Slavery--Slavery was a time of great suffering and pain for African Americans.

2) Uncle Tom's Cabin by Harriet Beecher Stowe, and The Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglas by Frederick Douglas--These books were instrumental in bringing about the plight of African Americans to the attention of a mainstream audience, including Lincoln's remark that the Civil War was started because of "this little lady" (Stowe.)

3) The Underground Railroad and the Abolitionist Movement--The escape of blacks to the North and Canada was a a perilous journey for approximately 100,000 people.

4) The Civil War--Many African Americans fought on the side of the North and distinguished themselves.

5) Reconstruction--While slaves were set free, many received assistance from the government in obtaining land, food, and money.

6) Black Codes--These state laws were used to not only limit the black's freedom, but to maintain order and superiority for whites.

7) The Harlem Renaissance--This time in the North demonstrated the fine arts capability of blacks.

8) The Civi Rights Movement--A tumultuous time in the South as violence against blacks was portrayed daily on the TV.

9) The 26th Amendment to the Constitution--This made for perhaps the first time the ability of blacks to gain political power.

10) Election of Barack Obama as the 44th President.--Truly a historic occasion.