How do I describe a cemetery so that my classmates can guess what it is?

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sciftw eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think I understand your purpose.  You have to write a paragraph that describes a place without being too specific.  That your classmates can try to guess where you are from the clues that you gave.  

What you have so far is a good start.  I'll try and help you make it better.  

Early in the paragraph it says that the location is depressing.  Can you give further clues as to why it is a depressing place?  Maybe you could say that the air and ground both smell of death.  If that is too specific, you could add that despite that smell, it is mixed with the smell of fresh cut grass.  Most cemeteries that I have been to have beautiful lawns.  

The paragraph also mentions "horrible noises."  Expound on that a bit more.  What kind of noises?  Why are they horrible instead of calming? It would help to pick a certain time of day and go from there.  Night time noises are different than day time noises, but both could sound horrible depending on the description.  Going back to the lawn idea, a lawnmower could be a terrifying sound if you didn't know what it was.  The crowing of crows is a terrible noise, and ravens are typically associated with death.  

I don't know what the yellow color in the paragraph is referring to.  I'm sorry I can't help with that.  

You could add something about stone pillars standing row upon row in perfect symmetry as far as the eye can see.  Those would be the headstones.  If the cemetery is a frequently visited cemetery, then there should be flower bouquets all over the place.  They are very pretty, but if you think about it, it's weird.  A bouquet of flowers is a collection of plant parts that have been hacked away and are slowly dying.  People leave dying flowers on top of a dead person's grave? You could totally do something with that. 

You could write about how most of the visitors always seem to be wearing dark colors -- blacks and greys (funeral colors).  Or maybe make mention of the oddity of each block/stone having writing imprinted on it.  

mrstoker eNotes educator| Certified Educator

It may be a good idea to write as you would if you were to visit a cemetery for the very first time and had no idea what it was. Try to explain the oddity of the thing from the very beginning. The first thing you are going to see at many cemeteries is the big iron gate that protects the area. Once you go through that gate the next thing many people will notice is the grave stones standing in solemn neat rows. There are many different shapes but they all have names and dates on them. You may also hint at some of the myths and traditions that come with cemeteries. I know when I was younger my sisters and I would hold our breath when driving past a cemetery. Try to think of any and everything that is unique about cemeteries and make sure you use figurative language. Good luck!

sbaker5545 | Student

The stones tell a tale.