Hi, I want to know about Crete (Greek island) food... please help me to find out within 2 days... very urgent.

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The Cretan Mediterranean diet is considered one of the healthiest in the world. The food of Crete shares aspects of Greek, Turkish and Middle Eastern influences. Crete is self-sufficient throughout the year in fresh fruit, vegetables and seafood. Fishes are usually baked or grilled with minimal spices, while lamb and goat are the preferred meats. Cretan foods are generally not particularly fancy, but they do demand high quality and freshness of product. Some of the better know dishes include

  • CHEESESGraviera (similar to gruyere) and myzithra (creamy white cheese used in place of feta)
  • HORS' D' OUVRESDomadakia, wine leaves with rice filling; Achinosalata,sea urchins "salad;" Saganaki, baked feta cheese; Skordalia, garlic dip; Taramosalata, fish roe dip; Tsatsiki, yogurt-garlic-and cucumber dip; Ochtapodia, octopus cooked with vinegar; Batsaries, beetroot; Gigantes large white beans; Fava split peas puree.
  • SIDE DISHES.  Horta, wild (generally) greens served with olive oil and lemon; Choriatiki Greek salad;
    Patates fried potatoes.
  • MEAT.  Grilled meat, of all kinds, generally served with fried potatoes; Lamb stew; Goat stew.
  • VEGETABLES.  Giemista or Giemistes, tomatoes, aubergines and peppers stuffed with rice; Briam, baked mixed vegetables, somewhat similar to ratatouille
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