Hi,I want to write a 20 page research paper comparing Hamlet and Antigone, my instructor didn’t give me any bibliography.How can I get information?He said bibliography is very important and...

Hi,I want to write a 20 page research paper comparing Hamlet and Antigone, my instructor didn’t give me any bibliography.How can I get information?

He said bibliography is very important and should be mentioned at new page at the end of the paper with the title (reference) (I hope you will understand what I mean). Another question is about the first page. I don’t know what I should write in the introduction and abstract. Please help me. Actually I want to compare and contrast the characters (prince Hamlet and Antigone) not the plays. For instance differences: Antigone is strong but hamlet is weak, Antigone is direct but not hamlet. Similarities: both of them had uncle both of them grieving and so on. Please answer me in simple English. Thanks very much

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lfawley eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Also, you will need to know if your instructor wants this formatted in MLA format (as is the norm for literature and humanities classes) or in APA format. The two differ in several ways with regard to both in text and reference page citations. Since you used the word Bibliography, I am assuming that your professor wants MLA format. What you are writing is literary criticism. So, collect your research (books and articles as the above poster mentioned) then outline your own thoughts on the two based on a close reading of the text.  When you compare and contrast, there are two formats that are usually followed. You can either write all about Antigone then all about Hamlet, or you can structure each paragraph as a comparison of a specific aspect of each work. Use what you gather from research to support your own ideas regarding each comparison, and be sure to cite it correctly. I am providing you with a link that should help you with format and citations:




This cite has a wealth of information on structure and format for a litrerary research paper as well!

clairewait eNotes educator| Certified Educator

You need to go to the library at your college and ask for help using the online research database.  Every college has access to hundreds of thousands of online scholarly journal articles - it is just a matter of knowing which database to use.  (For example, I know in the School of Education you would use the ERIC database.  I cannot remember off the top of my head which one is most suited for English literature - but anyone working at your library would know.)

Also - your library probably has many of the books written about both Hamlet and Antigone.  Again, go to your college library.  Find someone who looks smart and patient.  Tell him or her the subject of your research project and ask where can you go for sources.