Hi, there!  Will someone please tell me the LITERAL TRANSLATIONS (in both Italian and Latin) for the fictional character-name "The Batman"?

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"Literal translations" are a tricky business because they usually do not translate the same from one language to another. For example, "Harry Potter e i doni della morte" is the Italian title for "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows." The "literal" translation in Italian is "Harry Potter and the Gifts of the Dead" -- which makes no sense in English. From what I can tell looking online, translating "The Bat Man" into Italian is simply presented as "La Bat Man." If you want to translate it literally, however, you would say: "il uomo mazza" which may not make sense to an Italian, even though it is literal. An Italian may not associate these "literal" words with Bat Man. The Latin word for "man" is "homo" and the word for "bat" (I'm not sure about this 100%) is "vespertilio." In any case, there are no longer any speakers of Latin to verify this and the Romance languages, which all are based on Latin, each have a different word for "bat" - in Italian it is "pipistrello", in Spanish it is "murciélago", and in French it is "chauve-souris" which literally means "bald mouse." If this does not answer your question, please post it again and give us more details.

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