How does Jess describe the preacher's voice?

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In the book "Bridge to Terabithia" Jess and his family always make a big deal out of going to church on Easter Sunday.  His sister’s use it as an excuse to get new clothing and his sister tries to get his mother to let her wear a see through blouse.  Jess wants Leslie to go along too, but his mother states she dresses odd.  She gives in but says the girl has to look decent.

Leslie goes with them to church.  They ride in the back of the pick-up to the church.  Jess describes the preacher as having a tricky voice.  The man would speak buzzing along and then he would go "Bam" at you making you hear him scream.  The preacher's face was always red and he had sweat pouring down it.  (pages 125 & 126)

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