The main cause of this war is Helen, but does Homer tell what happened to Helen at the end of war? Does she remain in Troy or return with Menelaus?

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In the words of Christopher Marlowe, she was the "face that launched a thousand ships." Helen of Troy was certainly one of the most desired women in all history (in fact and myth). Abducted when she was just a child, Helen became the mate of dozens of men; among them were Ajax, Menelaus and Paris. The daughter of Zeus, she was proclaimed the most beautiful woman in the world, and the Trojan War was fought primarily because of her abduction.

Different writers give various descriptions of her final years. After Paris' death, she became the mate of his brother, Deiphobus; when Deiphobus was killed (and mutilated, by either Odysseus or Menelaus), Menelaus spared her from the sword after she dropped her robe to reveal her great beauty. Menelaus and Helen were reunited in Sparta following the war, and at "the end of their mortal existence, they continued to be together in Elysium." Other sources claim she eventually made her way to Rhodes, where she was "hanged... on a tree."

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