The Yearling Questions and Answers
by Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings

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Hi I ma doing a research paper on "The Yearling" and it is about the conflict of Man vs. Nature. I need a little information about it b4 I start writing the paper. Anything you might think that would be helpful please tell me!! Thank u! Jesus loves ya'll!!

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What do you mean by "it"--the conflict of man vs. nature or the book? You can find a summary, character analysis, and a discussion of themes right here at eNotes. Follow this link:

You can also find a critical essay on the book at this link:

If it's the type of conflict you need help with, think of the problems that arise when Flag grows up. How does the deer's natural instinct conflict with the needs of the people taking care of it? Does the deer understand about gardens? Does the deer have needs that the people can't meet?

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berta | Student

I have a essay to write and I hardly now what its about