Hi... im now doing a food service project..can i know what's the benefits of having static menu in a restaurant?

Expert Answers
stolperia eNotes educator| Certified Educator

A static, or fixed, menu makes for a much less complicated kitchen in a restaurant. If only a certain selection of foods are prepared every day, or even a different fixed set of rotating dishes are served on rotating days of the week, only ingredients needed for those foods need to be purchased and kept on hand. Cooks need only be familiar with preparation techniques used for the particular items to be served. If specialized appliances or tools are available to simplify or speed up the preparation of some of the offered foods, such equipment may be purchased because it will be used often and will repay its cost in improved efficiency in the kitchen. Wait staff can easily learn presentation techniques appropriate to the selected dishes. A restaurant may be able to shield itself from fluctuating prices for ingredients with a static menu, purchasing large volumes of items it will certainly use when prices are lower.