Hi so I'm currently enrolled in dental assisting school my homework is mainly all reading. That's a problem for me since i'm mainly a hands on learner, I have tried googling dental assisting homework assignments and had no luck i was wondering if you could help me in possibly looking up some?

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Hi, Mandaa,

I'm not sure about hands on learning for dental assisting.  That may be fairly specialized work.  For that, you may be looking at possible internships with some dentists or dental companies.  Past that, I would look at taking advantage of your instructors and lab hours.  Maybe trying to see how long your lab is open each day and asking if you can ever get some additional time in there.

Now, if we are talking about more general subjects like math and science, I like the Khan Academy.  They have all kinds of videos for all kinds of subjects.  Mostly grade school and high school, but the subjects would all still be very similar to what you would be seeing and discussing.  http://www.khanacademy.org/

I hope this helps, Mandaa.

Good luck,


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