How would you describe the relationship between Krakauer and his dad?I am writing about the father-son relationships in the book and I´ve finished with McCandless´ but I´ve got problems with...

How would you describe the relationship between Krakauer and his dad?

I am writing about the father-son relationships in the book and I´ve finished with McCandless´ but I´ve got problems with Krakauers´to his dad! I also need a comparison between both.

Please help me!!

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M.P. Ossa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Though the father's description is only briefly detailed, you can make a lot of conclusions by just focusing on Chris.

What we get as far as the father is a man who is very driven, business savvy, worldly, educated, and also...a womanizer. Chris and his sister were born before their dad had divorced his first wife, and there are also children from that previous marriage. This would place Chris somewhere in the middle of a blended family that was already on the verge of yet another divorce: His parent's.

We also know that his father, compared to Chris, was more motivated by financial status than Chris would have ever been. I believe that, from the dynamics in the home you can tell how different Chris turned out.

About Chris, we know that he graduated college, his family was quite affluent, and he may have even been spoiled a bit which is what many dysfunctional families with extra money do to compensate for the lack of family support.

He then did a transformation where he decided to donate his money to Oxfam, and basically took a quasi-vow of simplicity and minimalism through the exploration of the wilderness. In other words, perhaps the turbulence at home provoked in him a desire to find peace, alone.

We also know that Chris was aware of his fathers womanizing ways, which also gives us an insight cue of how his overall opinion of his father was. Therefore, for a man to want for peace and loneliness so badly is indicative that his mind and soul also needed such peace.

mkcapen1 | Student

Chris McCandless and his father have a poor relationship.  It is one born out of frustration between them.  Chris demonstrates a lot of promise.  He is very bright and soars in college.  However, he breaks away from his father by going on a trip to the Mojave Desert which almost kills him.  His father represents the establishment, money, and society.  Chris pulls away from the establishment.  In addition, his father lived his life as a womanizer who cheated on his mother creating a child out of wedlock by another woman.

Chris has also been raised to always have wealth which can easily be taken for granted.  He gives away his college fund and goes off on his adventure trek across the states.  Chris becomes more and more isolated from people by his own choice.  He relates to Thoreau which is the opposite of his father.  Because he dies at such a young age he never has a chance to develop a positive relationship with his father.  Quite often young men in Chris' age group some to an understanding with their father's after they have had a chance to experience the world for themselves. 

 Krauker was introduced to the wilderness by his father.  His father was a mountaineer who loved the wilderness.  He and his father shared many common interests.  His father encouraged his mountain climbing and as sense of adventure.  In the book he wrote that Chris' acts of taking off like he did were selfish acts.  He could not understand how Chris could be so good to strangers but not with his won family. 



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