I have to write a monologue for English about The Crucible but it needs to be about a gap or silence in the book. Do you know any good gaps or silences in the book, The Crucible. Thanks. 

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Here are some examples of silence and gaps from the play The Crucible

The most obvious structural gaps are between the acts. For example, there is a linear gap between Acts One and Two. When Act One ends, Abigail and Betty accusing multiple women of witchcraft. Act Two begins eight days later at the home of Elizabeth and John Proctor. Over the preceding eight days, the tension has been building in town because of the accusations of witchcraft. Because of this and John's affair with Abigail, the tensions between Elizabeth and John are also heightened. 

There are many pauses within the acts as well. In Act Four, Hale makes a final effort to persuade Elizabeth to convince John to confess because it will save his life. Some time has passed and John looks different. He feels defeated. He might want to save his life by confessing but he hesitates to sully his own name, one of the few things he has left. There is a silent pause when he is brought in and when he and Elizabeth first see each other: 

A pause. Herrick enters with John Proctor. His wrists are chained. He is another man, bearded, filthy, his eyes misty as though webs had overgrown them. He halts inside the doorway, his eye caught by the sight of Elizabeth. The emotion flowing between them prevents anyone from speaking for an instant. 



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