hi friends i need documents about post colonial women literature written in english. please help me . thank you very much.post colonial women literature

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You can refer to the documents below:

1. 'A critique of postcolonial reason: toward a history of the vanishing present'

2. 'Writing women and space: colonial and postcolonial geographies'.

3. Sara Mill's 'Post Colonial Feminist Theory'.

These resourcs are easily available. 

The novels that you can read about Post Colonial Feminism are:

1. 'Wide Sargasso Sea'. It is a post colonial rewrite of 'Jane Eyre'.

2. 'Under Western Eyes'

Let me know in any further help is required :)

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please teacher can you provide us with some links to the books shown in your answer

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If you're talking about postcolonial feminism:

The God of Small Things

Can the Subaltern Speak?

United States of Banana

If not...maybe...

Meena Alexander (Author of lyrical memoirs regarding women)