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Which O. Henry story features a rich father who owns a factory? His son fell in love with his neighbor's daughter—an arrogant aristocratic woman who looked down upon the factory owner because of his humble background, even though the aristocrat is not as rich as him.... Despite feeling reluctant, in order to help his son win the girl, the rich father created a huge traffic mess in the city to facilitate the young couple's meeting up.

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Yes, I do know which story you are talking about by O. Henry.  The story in question is "Mammon and the Archer."  The father is Anthony Rockwall, and he has retired from his manufacturing business.  The business was manufacturing soap, and he is now a self made millionaire.  He's gruff and brash and believes that just about any problem can be solved with his money.  His son, Richard, doesn't have that kind of confidence in the money.  However, unlike Anthony, Richard is well educated and well mannered.  Despite all of his polish and father's wealth, the girl that he has fallen in love with is still considered "out of his league."  Anthony believes that the only thing that is needed for his son to succeed in wooing the young lady is time.  Richard needs time alone with the lady.  In order to give Richard the time that he needs to be with the young lady, Anthony orchestrates a huge traffic jam that traps the couple in a cab together for several hours.  They emerge from the cab engaged to be married, and Anthony's beliefs about the power of his money are confirmed. 

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