Summary of the book "Pies and Prejudice" by Heather Fred Erick.

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Pies and Prejudice is part of the Mother-Daughter Book Club series.

Pies and Prejudice follows the four girls (Emma, Jess, Cassidy, and Megan) as they are about to enter their freshman year.

Emma's family 'house-swaps' with the Berkleys, who live in the UK. As a result, the Book Club has to modify their meetings (to video conference), so that Emma can stay involved. Fittingly, they choose to read Pride and Prejudice.

In Massachusetts, Megan starts a fashion blog - which eventually gets her in trouble. Cassidy starts a girl's hockey team and Jess learns to decorate cakes.

As with the other books in the series, the story follows the various (sometimes tenuous) relationships of the girls. 

Wanting Emma to return for a visit during spring break, the girls organise a fundraising bake sale. Using Jess' new cake decorating skills. This is the namesake of the book Pies and Prejudice.

Mrs. Bergson (a member of the bookclub) dies, leaving a sum of money to the Club. The girls in the US use this money to travel to the UK - the setting of Pride and Prejudice. 

Emma returns to the US, the Berkelys return to England.

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