Hi dear friends, just wanted to know if you could give me your ideas as to what possible ways food and kinship would be related.. ..i am doing some research but have not found any angle for...

Hi dear friends, just wanted to know if you could give me your ideas as to what possible ways food and kinship would be related.. 

..i am doing some research but have not found any angle for connecting them! thank you

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Food is closely linked with friendship and family. We show people we care through food. Our holidays all revolve around food. When we are low, food cheers us up, because we associate certain foods with people we love. We know we have something in common with someone when we share common food interests.
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Agreed with all of the above.  We have a family birthday this weekend, and we all just got our "what to bring to the party" list--and it wasn't just a gift.  I was recently at the home of a Nigerian friend, and I've never felt so graciously welcomed.  He prepared a meal as we watched, telling us about what he was cooking and how each item and procedure worked into the traditions of his culture.  The portions were enormous for us, normal for him--a guest must always have plenty.  As we were leaving, he handed us some items from his refrigerator, insisting he had to honor us with more food for our journey (across town).  I was struck then with this very concept of food being equated with hospitality and respect and even love.  Good timing!

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Food and Kinship in some cultures is almost one and the same.  Think about it like this - when somebody dies, what happens?  Everybody brings food.  When somebody gets married?  People have a grand celebration with food.  When you have a birthday?  Oh oh!  Family traditions surround...FOOD!

Holidays in every region of the world have special foods attached to them.

Family culture and lore is spread at the table.  People gather together and talk about when this happened or that happened and those stories get passed on.  Usually these stories bond a family together.

Biblically, if I may: the feast for the Prodigal son.  A fatted calf was killed.  The marriage at Canaan was celebrated with water turned into wine.  The story of the loaves and fishes.  You bond people together when they share a meal.  Communion itself is about bringing people together to share a common experience.

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Perhaps you should research the keywords "food," "family," and "culture."  Certainly the connection of food to family and culture exists.

Two books that TOUCH on this subject are Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver and In Defense of Food by Michael Pollan.  I'm sure there is research out there to back up your ideas... just have to find the right keywords.

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I think that there is a relationship between food and kinship. For example, when families get together to celebrate an event such as a birthday or anniversary, food is usually involved. Holidays are another example of when the extended family eats together.

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I immediately thought of the emotional or traditional connection between food and kinship.  Recipes and meals are passed down from generation to generation almost as a rite of passage, connecting the idea of food preparation with kinship and strengthening family bonds.  The idea of "getting the family together at the Holiday season" is one where individuals bond over food.  Food and kinship almost operate as reciprocal bonds to one another.  In some cultures, food preparation is seen as a form of forming bonds between family members.  Food becomes a centrally organizing principle over which individuals are able to strengthen connection with one another.  Immediately upon seeing the question, my mind wandered to this element of how food and kinship are related to and feed off one another.

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Aren't foods considered to be in families sometimes? Like you have the melon family or the edible roots family?

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Food and kinship is related because as already mentioned the passage of familial or societal history occurs around meals. If you think also about values, manners, and amount of connection to one another (kinship), this is a powerful place for teaching. We understand and receive those lessons because when gathered around the table we feel safe and are usually more open to those lessons.

We understand exactly what is being taught without actually being in a formal education environment.

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