Hi, could someone tell me the name of a play with a speech in it ?

Expert Answers
daisydharma eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The best place to start would be to find a monologue book that draws monologues from plays.  Luckily, these book usually have a catchy title such as Monologues from Great Plays.  Once you find a monologue that appeals to you, you will be able to identify the play that contains it. Then, you can go back and read the play for the context of the monologue.  You always want to go back and see how the monologue is used in context.  Otherwise, you may cite or recite a monologue and not truly understand the piece on which you are working.

madipadi | Student

The play The Matchmaker has several monologues

smokeydevil | Student
If you'd like a more informal speech, there are plenty of monologues in Neil Simon's plays. They often contain a good deal of humor, too!