Can you identify an example of unethical behaviour in the workplace with regards to the employer?

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that one of the strongest examples of unethical behavior in the workplace with regards to the employer is sexual harassment.  I think that the sexual harassment reality is unethical for a couple of reasons.  On one level, sexual harassment is about power and the disproportionate use of power.  Sexual harassment is when the employer uses their own position of power to advance on a subordinate in a manner that is both extremely uncomfortable and violates the ethical practices of respecting space in the workplace.  The employer's use of unwanted sexual advances creates a realm of unethical behavior because it uses people as means to ends, as opposed to treating workers in an organization as ends in of themselves.  It is also unethical because it is a power element whereby one person who has power in the business is using it as a form of coercion against another who lacks power in that particular business setting.  I think that sexual harassment and gender discrimination is an example of unethical behavior in the workplace with regards to the employer.

jitendrahole | Student
It is a true that many employees in business practices unethical behaviors includes such activity for example using official telephones for personal use, copying the official softwares, using official stationary at household use, changing official records. These serious falsifying activities of unethical behaviors helps to dilute organizational environment.

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