Can anyone tell me what happens in The Devils Arithmetic chapters 5-15? thanks

mkcapen1 | Student

Chapter 5- Hannah wakes up to find that she is still in the strange place in the past.  They tell her she has been sick so she is having thought problems.  Shmuel discusses his upcoming wedding. She tells him that she is from New Rochelle and her Hebrew name is Chaya. Yitzchak, the butcher, comes by with his children to help prepare for the wedding.  Gitl is irritated with him for leaving the children in the wagon.

Chapter 6- Hannah is given a green dress to wear to the wedding.  She learns that she had spent ten weeks in the hospital.  She is greeted by other relatives.  Hannah tells them about her life.  The others think that they are stories to entertain.  She tells them about the movie Yentil.

Chapter 7- On the way to the wedding Hannah tells more stories about movies.

Chapter 8- People emerge out of the woods to head for the wedding.  Hannah meets the bride to be.  As they draw nearer to the synagogue they see automobiles and German soldiers.  Hannah realizes that the soldiers are Nazis and she panics trying to tell the others.  The Rabbi tells her that there are not 6 million Jews to be killed.

Chapter 9-  Hannah is aware of their fate.  The Nazis do not let the wedding party enter the synagogue.  Instead, the wedding party is placed on trucks.  The bride still has on her wedding dress.  Hannah tries to tell the others about the Nazis and what they will do.

Chapter 10-  They have all been taken to the train station.  They are loaded onto trains after their possessions have been taken.  Hannah keeps talking about the information that she recalls about the Jews in Nazi occupied Europe.

Chapter 11- They are unloaded at the work camp.  Men and women are separated. A dead baby is torn form her mother's hands and tossed aside.  They are forced to undress and their hair is shaved off of their heads.  They are sent to the showers.  Hannah is scared because she knows the showers could man death.

Chapter12- They sit on a bench naked for a long time.  Then they are given clothing. They are ragged and worn.   She learns that she is wearing a dress that belonged to another Jewish man's daughter.  Everyone is tattooed with a number on their arm.  They are shown the smoke that comes from the ovens and told that it is Jew smoke.

Chapter 13- The women are lied up and inspected in order to be assigned their duties.  They are given some soup and bread.  They have been starved for a longtime so even the little bit of soup feels good.  However, they try to remain strong.

Chapter 14- Hannah meets Rivka and learns that the girl’s parents have been killed.  Rivka has been in the camp for over a year and learned tricks to survive.  She gives them their everything bowls. She meets with the girls ad tells them her secrets for surviving.   Rivka discusses that living in the camps is the Devil’s game.

Chapter 15- Hannah learns that when a certain officer comes to inspect the camp, the children run into the trash pile and hide so they won’t be chosen to be put to death.  The rabbi is hospitalized and his son has been badly beaten.