Can anybody explain to me the song sung by Amiens in act 2 scene 7 of As You Like It and it's importance??

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shakespeareguru eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This scene is the second scene in the play to feature the courtier Amiens (from banished Duke Senior's court) singing about the country life, of nature.  He enters first with Jaques in Act II, scene v, singing about an idealized pastoral life.  It is probable that Shakespeare meant this song, in scene five, to assist in the transition from the court scenes to the forest scenes.

The song in scene seven comes at the end of a scene with much action and just following Jaques famous speech about the seven ages of man, which is a speech that highlights the passage of time and its effect.

Once the characters in the scene gather for the meal at the end of the scene, Amiens reinforces this emphasis on time by singing of winter and how the winter's frost and cold is not as harsh as forgetting friends and events gone by.  This "remembering" is important for Duke Senior and his courtiers who have been banished from their old life and old friends at court to the Forest, where they must endure the harsh elements, including those of winter.

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