Hi, I am taking up Master of Arts in English, and I am thinking of topics for my thesis. Would you please give me a clue about what would be the best title?

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First of all, you need to be careful that you are using correct English when you write even if it is just a question as I needed to edit your writing.  Readers scrutinize what any English teacher writes.

Secondly, if you are a college senior who wants to teach but is going straight through from your BA to your Masters, you might want to get a little experience teaching to help you narrow not just a title but your area of interest.

As for the answer to your actual question, I am going to assume you mean which topic would be good for your thesis.  Titles are written after you have chosen your topic and written your paper.  If you already have a topic chosen, then this answer might not help you.  Are you interested in the effects of administration on the success of a school or program?  Do you prefer to look at the students and write about why there is such a discrepancy between the success rates of white and black students?  Bullying is a current topic in many schools which should provide lots of current materials for you to use in your research. What appeals to YOU as a topic?

The idea is to choose your topic and the viewpoint you wish to use, do the research, write your paper explaining if the research changed your viewpoint or explain both sides of the topic, and then write your title.

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