Summary of this news story, posted below?

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There is a certain amount of latitude featured in the idea of "how it relates to the world."  The summary of the article is probably best featured in the title of it.  The news story details the events of a young woman's death.  The jury took five hours in finding the man, William Immona- Russel, guilty of raping and then using a pair of scissors to murder 20 year old Yasmin Ashareh.  Sentencing will take place Wednesday and could carry a maximum of 25 years.  There was a sense of relief on the part of the victim's mother, who praised the jury and hoped that Russel gets "what he deserves."  Naturally, there is a sense of sadness and hopelessness in such a story.  There is a loss of young life through something so horrifically sad and brutal.  One need only reflect on what those agonizing last moments of life must have been like to have been raped and murdered with a pair of scissors. At the same time, one can only imagine the horrific pain of Yasmin's mother who is glad that some level of justice has been served, but must always live with the fact that she outlived her daughter through an unnatural end.   Such a crime is also a reflection of the savage level to which human beings can descend and raises severe questions about the nature of a criminal justice system that punishes offenders and then sees some of them released to commit the same or worse offenses.  Russel was accused and found guilty of a sexual assault against a former girlfriend, a detail that the jury did not hear.  If one were to continue to delve into how such a story relates to the world, it reflects that violence against women is a real and perceptible threat that must be understood and rectified in the quickest of manners.