hii wanna know what kinda job you will get when you study business administration in college.i also wanna know some of  best business college in new york city.please help me out.

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A degree in business administration is a very broad field of study which exposes you to many areas within the operation of a business. It would probably requires classes in finance, human resources, business planning, law, accounting, and more. Employers are always looking for the most qualified candidates, and having this degree certainly is a step in the right direction to be hired.

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If you are planning to start your own business, a business degree would be helpful.  In addition, if you are planning to work in a business-related field, it might be the minimum required degree.  A BS degree is usually not enough though.  Most jobs require an MBA.  However, you should decide what job you want first, and then find out what type of degree is required.

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I can't endorse any business schools in New York City, but I can say that business administration degrees are attractive to people seeking entry level workers in most firms, from large scale banking to small businesses. For many such positions, they are a minimum requirement.  

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There are, of course, no guarantees that you'll get a job no matter what you study.  But studying business administration makes you more qualified to get a job as a manager of any organization (business, non-profit, government agency).  It helps you learn the organizational and managerial skills you need for such jobs.

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