How many wives did William Shakespeare have?

aszerdi | Student

William Shakespeare had just one wife, Anne Hathaway, who was eight years his senior. They were married from 1582 until Shakespeare's death in 1616. Anne would live seven years after her husband had passed away. She lived in a town not far from Shakespeare's which was how the two met. They married when Anne became pregnant. She had their first child six months after their marriage. They had three children in total.

hermy27 | Student

While it is rumored that William Shakespeare had many lovers over the years, he was only legally married to one woman, Anne Hathaway.  It is believed that the two were married in quite a hurry due to the fact that Anne became pregnant, as their first child was born only six months into their marriage.  The two proceeded to have two more children and remained married until Shakespeare's death in 1616, although the state of their marriage remains in question based on the details of his will, in which the majority of his estate was left to his eldest daughter rather than his wife.