What are some similarities between the character of Pi (from Life of Pi) and Macbeth?

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That's a tough question! I suppose you could argue that both Pi and Macbeth are introduced as rather innocent characters, but  through their journeys become more ruthless.

When we meet Pi, he is searching for truth, yet he is still a boy, who cannot understand why he cannot be three different religions at the same time. Through his journey, he must embrace a brutal lifestyle, killing anything that threatens his life, just to survive on the boat with the tiger.

When we meet Macbeth, he is an adult, but also rather naive. He begins as a faithful servant to his King and a noble soldier. When the witches tell him that he will be the next king, Macbeth does not believe them because he never thought about it before. But as his ambition grows, so does his ruthlessness. Macbeth sacrifices all that he once cherished for power. He allows his wife to go mad and murders everyone else that tries to overthrow him.


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