How did Timothy position himself and Phillip against the tree during the hurricane in The Cay?    

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accessteacher eNotes educator| Certified Educator

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You are refering to the incident when the hurricane strikes the island on which Timothy and Phillip are residing which occurs in Chapter Fifteen of this novel. The hurricane is of course incredibly strong, and quickly blows away the hut that they made, so Timothy takes Philip to a tree for protection. Note the way that they position themselves:

Standing with his back to the storm, Timothy put my arms through the loops of rope, and then roped himself, behind me, to the tree.

We can see here another sign of how Timothy cares for and looks after Phillip. In spite of the tensions in their relationship because of Phillip's racism and the way that he has been brought up, he willingly chooses to use himself--his own body--as a barrier to protect Phillip from the rage of the storm, giving Phillip the protected space behind the tree trunk.