What would be some good quiz questions to test major plot points in the book Lyddie? Please provide questions and answers.

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bmrasmussen eNotes educator| Certified Educator

A great place to start would be the literature guide on this site.  Here's the link directly to that:


There are also lots of other guides available on the web.  Here are a few you might want to look at:


If you use any of the information from the summaries or study guides in your work, be sure you cite your sources so you don't plagiarize!

Here are some online quizzes/tests that you can use to help you study:


If you're trying to improve your comprehension skills, a better way to study would be to use comprehension strategies as you go, rather than trying to use quizzes and summaries.  One strategy is SQ3R.  It's usually used for reading non-fiction text (like textbooks), but can work great for literature!  Here's how you do it:

SURVEY. First, look over the chapter.  Maybe flip through the pages and read three or four sentences from different places.
QUESTION.  Ask yourself what the chapter might be about.  Make a prediction.
READ.  Obviously, read the chapter.
RECITE.  After you finish reading, retell the chapter to yourself, aloud.  You may also want to write a quick summary of the chapter or draw a picture or two to represent the chapter.  Be creative here.
REVIEW.  After each chapter, quickly look over your notes and tell yourself what each chapter was about.  Do it quickly - don't take too long!  At the end of the book, you should have a pretty good knowledge of what happened in the story.  The more you review, the more you'll remember.

Hope that helps!

sciftw eNotes educator| Certified Educator

What is the petition going around the factory about?  (It's a petition for better working hours) Why are some girls refusing to sign it? (Because they don't want to be fired and blacklisted) 

Why was Betsy let go (fired) from the factory in chapter 14?  What symptoms does she have? (Because she has a horrible cough and is too sick to work) 

How does Lyddie treat Brigid? (Cruelly and with little patience.  Lyddie thinks Brigid is stupid) Describe some of the consequences of these actions. (Lyddie's attitude almost gets her fired) 

Why is Lyddie's family considering selling the farm?  Why do they need that money? (Because they have to find enough money to pay for their mother's institutionalization) 

What is Lyddie's life long dream?  (Go to college)

What book is read to Lyddie and inspires her to try and become a better reader?  (Oliver Twist)

Describe the work environment Lyddie has while working at the tavern.  Is the mistress kind to her?   (Lyddie works very hard, but the mistress treats her like a slave)

How does Lyddie learn about the textile mills in Massachusetts?  (A customer at the tavern tells her about the opportunity)