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I'm in 10th grade and we just finished our first-semester finals. Will taking a regular English class one time affect the way a college looks at me?

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Taking one non-Honors English course, especially if is simply is not offered at your school, will not adversely affect your ability to get into a good college. Looking at the totality of the coursework and elective and extra-curricula activities listed, it would appear that your academic record will be just fine, assuming you continue on in this manner. You still have all of your junior year and at least the first semester of your senior year of high school to build upon the record you have constructed up to this...

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macarooo75 | Student

I don't believe it would negatively affect you for taking one non honors course. Colleges tend to look at the whole transcript; however, have you considered looking into becoming a volunteer tutor for your school? Colleges love to see philanthropy in their applicants, and since a more rigorous English course is not available to you, you might be able to both assist your fellow students and  work on bettering your overall application to colleges by tutoring in your high school. Another option is to look into dual enrollment at a local college. Colleges sometimes offer current high school students the ability to take college level classes while they are enrolled in high school.  Courses are even offered online if necessary.