The Persian Gulf War Questions and Answers

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What comparisons can be made between Operation Desert Storm and World War I?

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Making a comparison between World War I and the Desert Storm operation is quite difficult for a number of reasons.  First, the Great War was a slow, defensive war fought in trenches, while Desert Storm was a quick, offensive attack fought mostly by air. World War I lasted for almost four years while the Persian Gulf War was over in a matter of weeks.  World War I was fought by combatants of similar cultural backgrounds, while the Persian Gulf War was fought by combatants of different religious and cultural backgrounds.  Despite these many differences, a similarity to focus on would be that new military technologies ended up deciding both wars.

In World War I, submarines were used for the first time by the Germans.  This gave them a tremendous advantage early in the war.  This advantage was balanced by the development of radar and sonar by the Allied powers which helped them to win the war.  Other new technologies used during the war that aided them in victory were tanks, airplanes, and better automatic weapons.

In the Persian Gulf War, the coalition forces benefited from the latest military technologies including Stealth bombers, Cruise missiles, bombs with laser-guidance systems as well as infrared night-bombing equipment. This technical advantage allowed for a quick military victory in much the same way as tanks and planes helped to end the trench warfare of World War I.  

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